Club Bylaws

Prairie State Rocketry Bylaws

Article I. Duties of Officers and Standing Committees

Section 1.01 The President:

  1. Shall preside over all meetings of this club and of the Officers according to this constitution and bylaws and any other rules adopted by this club.
  2. Shall appoint all chairs of committees and shall be a member of the same.
  3. May appoint a member to fulfill the duties of an office whenever that officer is not present.
  4. Shall sign all official documents pertaining to this club.

Section 1.02 The Vice-President:

  • Vice-president assumes all the duties of the President in case of the Presidents absence.

Section 1.03 The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

  1. Keep a roster of all current members of PSR.
  2. Accept all applications for membership and shall submit them to the Officers for consideration of acceptance.
  3. Establish a checking or savings account in the name of Prairie State Rocketry in a reputable financial institution with (2) two authorized signatures; one being that of himself, the Secretary-Treasurer and the other being that of any other officers that are not in the same family.
  4. Be the custodian of the club checkbook.
  5. Report to the club at each meeting on the financial status of the club.
  6. Be responsible for all financial matters of the club.

Section 1.04 The officers shall:

  1. Review and pass upon all applications for membership.
  2. Review the membership of any member in accordance with this Constitution and By-Laws.
  3. Notify the membership of any vacancy of office.
  4. Act on behalf of this club in all matters demanding immediate attention between general meetings.
  5. Be required to have majority of the officers rule on all issues before officers.

Article II. Dues

Section 2.01

  1. Dues for the club shall be:
    • Adults – $10
    • Family – $20
    • Children under 18 – $5
  2. Dues shall be paid annually on or before January 1, to the Secretary-Treasurer, and are non-refundable.
  3. New members will pay dues as follows: From January 1 to June 30 dues will be the full amount, and from July 1 to December 31, the dues will roll over to include the next calander year.

Section 2.02 Failure to pay Dues

  • Any new member that is in arrears after a (30) thirty day grace period, and after notification of arrears, will be dropped from the club, and thus the club roster.

Article III. Rules

Section 3.01

  • Standing rules may be made at a regular meeting provided that they do not conflict with this Constitution and By-Laws. A quorum is necessary for voting on a standing rule. A majority of the quorum is necessary to suspend or rescind a standing rule.

Section 3.02 Operating Rules

  • At all times members of PSR will operate in accordance with a National Association of Rocketry Model Rocket Safety Code, the Tripoli Safety Codes or the recognized safety code covering the size and power of the rocket they are launching, and the PSR rules of operation.

Section 3.03

  • All active members of PSR must be members in good standing with PSR before they will be allowed to participate in PSR rocket launches.

Article IV. Expenses

Section 4.01

  • Any club expenses in excess of $50 must be approved by the majority vote of a quorum during any businesses meeting.
  • Any club expenses of $50 or less, may be approved by the majority vote of the club officers.

Article V. Roster of the Club

Section 5.01

  • The roster of the club shall consist of a written record of all the current members of this club. In this record shall be kept a current copy of this Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Operation. In addition, the roster shall contain dated forms bearing the signatures of each member attesting to the fact that he/she is aware of the current Constitution and By-Laws and that he will adhere to it as long as he remains a member of this club. The roster shall be kept by the Secretary-Treasurer.

Article VI. Membership Definitions, Privileges and Responsibilities

Section 6.01 Full Membership

  • Full Member:
    1. Must belong to one of the following organizations (NAR, Tripoli, AMA)
    2. Has voting rights on all matters put before the membership
    3. May hold club office.
  • Limited Full Member:
    1. Has voting rights on all matters (excluding NAR matters) put before the membership.

Section 6.02 Quorum

  • A quorum shall be composed of 25 percent of the active membership of PSR and will include at least two of the three officers of the club.

Section 6.03 Club Equipment

  • Club equipment may be borrowed only with the consent of a club officer.

Article VII. Dissolution of Club Property and Funds

Section 7.01 Club property

  • In the case where the club is dissolved, the club property shall be returned to the original owner, or his designee.

Section 7.02 Club Treasury

  • In the case where the club is dissolved, the excess treasury funds, after any expenses, will be divided equally among all current members who have been members for at least two years.

Article VIII. Guests

Section 8.01

  • Any person that has an interest in amateur rocketry may visit the club as a guest of a full member or a limited member.
  • To help recruit new members, they will be allowed to launch the first time for free. All subsequent launches they attend, unless they become a member of the club, will cost a minimal launch fee of $2.00 for the day.

Article IX. Launch Site

Section 9.01 Launch Site

  • The launch site will be the location we secure for a given launch date. This is subject to change on a monthly basis due to a landowner’s other commitments.

Article X. Club Activities

Section 10.01 Launch Dates

  • The launch dates will be determined based on the availability of a given launch site. There will only be scheduled launch dates specifically so that people cannot just show up and launch rockets without approval. This is for safety and insurance reasons.

Section 10.02 Club Meetings

  • Club meetings shall be conducted when and where the club officers shall direct.

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