Club Constitution

Prairie State Rocketry Constitution


  • To promote an interest in Model Rocketry and High Power Model Rocketry, foster activity in amateur aeronautics, and to encourage social activities among its members; do hereby constitute ourselves Prairie State Rocketry, hereinafter referred to as (PSR).

Article I. Membership

Section 1.01 Membership

  1. Any person who belongs to (NAR, Tripoli, AMA) may obtain a full membership in PSR.
  2. Any person or family member not belonging to (NAR, Tripoli, AMA) may obtain a limited full membership.
  3. All interested persons will apply to, and be reviewed by the current Officers.

Section 1.02 Termination of Membership

  1. A decision to terminate membership, once made by the Officers, after review, shall be submitted to the assembly at the next regular PSR membership meeting. There, a vote shall be taken by a quorum to ratify this decision. Termination of membership revokes all privileges and duties as a member.
  2. A decision to terminate a membership will be based on the members conduct during PSR related activities and their adherence to the PSR rules of operation, NAR rules and any regulations that apply to the type and size of rockets launched.

Article II. Officers

Section 2.01

  • The officers of PSR shall be: President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 2.02 Term of Office

  1. The officers shall serve office for one year from the date of the election until a new board is elected.
  2. An elected member may not hold more than one elected office of PSR at any one time.

Section 2.03 Vacating Office

  1. An officer may request termination of his office by giving a thirty (30) day notice to the other officers.
  2. Any officer may be impeached by a majority vote of the quorum.
  3. Any officer may be removed from office for non-attendance of three consecutive meetings of the board unless duly excused by the President or acting President. An officer may only be removed from their office by a majority vote of the quorum.

Section 2.04 Succession of Office General

  • All officers shall pass to their successors all PSR records, properties, etc., at the end of their tenure.

Section 2.05 Succession of Officers

  • In the event of absence, the officers may appoint a member to fulfill the duty of office pro tem. In the case of vacancy, a special election shall be held to fill the vacant office position.

Article III. Elections

Section 3.01 Notification of Election

  • Written notice of a regular election shall be given to the membership at least one month prior to the election.

Section 3.02 Nomination

  1. All nominations will be made verbally at the election meeting, or in writing to one of the current officers before the election meeting.
  2. All nominees must be members in good standing at the time of the nomination.
  3. All nominees must accept nomination prior to their name being placed on the ballot.

Section 3.03 Elections

  1. The officers listed in Article II, section 2.0 shall be elected by a majority of the membership at the election meeting.
  2. A regular election shall be held annually in November in which a voice vote of the quorum will be taken and tallied to determine the outcome of the elections.

Section 3.04 Results of the Election

  • Written notice of the results of the election must be issued to the membership subsequent to that election, before the next general club meeting.

Section 3.05 Filling a Vacant Office

  • In the case of vacancy, a special election shall be held to fill the vacant position for the unexpired term.

Article IV. Amendments

Section 4.01

  1. If at any time it is deemed necessary to amend or replace this Constitution and Bylaws, it may be done by adding amendments or by inserting or deleting words, phrases, sections or articles here to or replacing this document entirely.
  2. Any amendment to the Constitution and/or Bylaws shall be mailed to the membership 20 days prior to the next monthly meeting. Any amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws shall be heard and a vote accepting or rejecting the final form of the change will be taken by the quorum during the monthly meeting.
  3. A majority of the quorum voting is necessary to pass a Constitutional amendment change.
  4. Upon passage, the amended Constitution and/or By-Laws is to be made available to the membership for distribution within (30) thirty days.

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