The Launch Report : August 2012

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We ended up having 2 launches in August. We had one launch on August 11th and another launch on August 25th. The weather for both launches was very good, The temperatures were in upper 80’s to low 90’s and the winds for both launches were around 10 mph.

We had good turn outs for both launches. We had 14 different people launch rockets on August 11th and we had 17 different people launch rockets on August 25th. We had a total of 121 launches for August with a total of 5927.5 Newtons. For the August 11th launch, the most prolific rocketeers were John Yuill with 9 launches and John Olevich with 763 Newtons. On the August 25th launch, the most prolific rocketeers were Michael Seibert with 10 launches and Gary Kawabata with 774 Newtons (1 rocket).

We had 2 new members join the club. They were Paul Glonek and Kevin Kunstman. We had our members only contest on August 11th for the month, it was scratch built rockets and the winner of the contest was Chris Cantine. He won a $20 gift card to Hobby Lobby. We also had our monthly club raffle and we raised another $86, thanks to everyone who participated. The winner of the raffle was Bill Stearns. He won 2 rocket kits – one was a PML “Black Brant VB” and the other was a Fliskits “Saturn 1B”.

Also, for the first time, we had a vendor out at both launches – Bill from Balsa Machining Services. It was very nice to have him out there with many of his items available. He is planning to come out to more of our launches in the future.

There were a lot of great flights for both launches from many people, so please check out the launch logs for who launched what. There were also some pictures taken, so please go and check them out in the photo gallery.

Our next club launch is scheduled for September 8th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, hopefully the good weather will continue and we have a lot of people come out and enjoy the launch. Thanks to everyone who made it out to our launches in August.

Dennis McAuliff – President

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