The Launch Report : May 12, 2012

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For our club launch on May 12th the temperature was in the 60’s and winds were from 10 to 15 mph. It was cloudy all day with a threat of rain.

We had a nice turn out. We had 6 different members launch rockets, along with a group of about 5 Cub Scouts. Not including the scout launches, we had a total of 22 launches for a total of 1247 Newtons. The most prolific rocketeers for the day were Bill Wojtyla with 7 launches and Don Kennedy with 482 Newtons. This was our first High Power launch of the year and we had Grant Zaharias get his level 1 certification on a rocket he named “Haulin Assteroids”. He flew it on an Aerotech H165-M motor to about 2000 feet. It was a very nice flight and Grant had a long walk to recover it.

We also had our first club contest of the year – clusters – we had 3 entries. They were Don Kennedy with his Fliskits “Deuces Wild”, Dennis McAuliff with his Sunward “Eruption”, and Brian Toone/Grant Zaharias with an Estes “Eliminator” (modified to use a 3 engine cluster). The winner of the contest was Don Kennedy. He won a $20 gift card to Hobby Lobby.

There were a lot of great and entertaining flights for the day. Among them, Don Kennedy’s Wildman “Wildman Jr.” rocket with dual deploy on an Aerotech I161-M motor. Dennis McAuliff also had some nice flights with his Sunward “Eruption” which is a 4 engine cluster and his Fliskits “Acme Spitfire”. We also had a nice group of Cub Scouts who were launching rockets for the first time and they all had a great time. For more details on who launched what, you can check out the 2012 Launch Logs. Please visit our photo gallery to see some of our launch photos, as well.

We also had another club raffle. The mystery prize was 3 rockets ranging in skill level 1 to skill level 3. The raffle raised another $58 for the club! The winner of the raffle was Claire Krzyzewski who was with the Cub Scouts.

Our next launch is scheduled for June 9th from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm and hopefully we will get some good weather. Thanks to everyone that made the launch and hopefully we can have more people out next month.

Dennis McAuliff -President

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