The Launch Report : June 18, 2011

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We finally got some decent weather and we were able to have a nice launch. For the launch on June 18th, we had a mostly sunny day with temperatures in the 80’s. The winds were very light in the 5 to 10 mph range.

We had a very nice turnout with 10 different people launching and we had about another 8 to 10 people watching. For the day we had 53 launches for a total of 1712.25 Newtons. The most prolific rocketeers for the day were Don Kennedy with 11 launches and Bill Wojtyla with 10 launches. Don Kennedy used 525 Newtons followed by Paul Parkes with 496 Newtons. For further details on what everyone launched please go check out the 2011 Launch Logs.

The launch was attended by Michael Seibert, Bill Stearns, Don Kennedy, Bill Wojtyla, Dennis McAuliff, Paul Parkes, Sean Butler, Julika and Marika Potter, Gary Kawabata, and Jim Finks. We also had many spectators for the launch.

For the day Paul Parkes had some very nice launches with his Wildman “DarkStar Mini” and his Loc Precision “Onyx Extended”. Paul also had one very fine pinpoint landing when his ejection charge failed to eject his Wildman “Dark Star Mini” nose cone. Thanks to all of the rain we have had and the soft ground – even with his rocket being buried close to 2 feet in to the ground – there was no damage to the rocket. Don Kennedy and Gary Kawabata also had some nice looking flights and Michael Seibert had some very nice looking rockets that he launched. There were some pictures taken, so please go and check out the pictures from the launch in the photo gallery.

I think our new launch location at 119th Street and Book Road is going to work out very well for now. I hope everyone had a fun day and will be able to make out next launch on July 9th from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

Dennis McAuliff -President

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